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Shovel {queen}
  • Shovel {queen}

    SKU: 003

    46” premium ash wood handle with 27° rake. 


    The benefits of this wood handle are that you can feel and see the wood flexing when you know you have pushed it far enough and it's time to grab a digging bar. Another benifit of wood is that it will float, the top of the handle sticks out of the water when you let go of it so you always know where your shovel is. This is my personal favorite. 

    Reinforced tip is made for long wear resistance, strength and panning right in the shovel head.


      The worlds best prospecting shovel! Spend less time and get MORE GOLD!

      Better Basics Mining created a one of a kind underwater shovel. This shovel is designed to hold your pay-dirt. A standard shovel is not built to work underwater. This unique shovel is crafted to keep your valuable pay-dirt from getting washed down stream!

      *Do not use as a pry bar


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